Film & Digital

Shari Hollett and Chris Earle have directed video and digital content for numerous clients, including the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, Babble Communications, Seton, and most recently, 3 videos for the Coaches Association of Ontario’s #SheCanCoach campaign, which garnered over 7 million impressions. Shari was also casting director, writer and talent coach on Giving You the Business (Cineflix) and a writer for Supertown Challenge (The Comedy Network). Chris was a series writer for CBC’s The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend and is a co-creator and director of the web series Live from the Centre.

“GOTCHA” Written & Directed by Shari Hollett (Trailer)

“Gotcha” – a comedy-horror short film (2019)
Written and Directed by Shari Hollett
Official Selection: Toronto Shorts International Film Festival
Award of Excellence: Best Shorts Competition

“Change Room”

Coaches Association of Ontario
Directed by Shari Hollett
Written by Shari Hollett and Chris Earle


Coaches Association of Ontario
Directed by Shari Hollett
Written by Shari Hollett and Chris Earle


Coaches Association of Ontario
Directed by Shari Hollett
Written by Shari Hollett and Chris Earle


Conceived and directed by Shari Hollett
Lyrics by Gunter/Dicks
Composed by Blyblow
Produced by Loji

“Sign Here”

Seton/Babble On Communications
Directed by Chris Earle
Written by Mike Erskine Kellie

CASE STUDY: #SheCanCoach Online Video Campaign


Backstory: In 2016/17, Shari and Chris deliver two live workshops for the Coaches Association of Ontario, with excellent participation and feedback. In conversation with CAO Executive Director Susan Kitchen, Shari learns about “Changing the Game – Changing The Conversation”, a new CAO initiative to increase the number of women coaches in Ontario. Shari pitches Susan on the idea of producing a series of videos to amplify the campaign, with Shari directing and she and Chris scripting.

The Challenge: To produce a series of shareable digital videos to promote more women in coaching. The campaign must be highly original, provocative, and fun, in order to stand out from the crowd. Due to funding deadlines, the videos must be scripted and produced in only 4 months!

Timeline: August, 2018: We present a list of 10 different story ideas to Executive Director Susan Kitchen and CAO Coach and Partner Development specialist Stuart McLaren. By the end of August, the ideas are whittled down to 4 favorites.

September: The 4 ideas are turned into short treatments, from which 3 are fully scripted. The CAO approves production. Videographer/Editor Hiep Vu is brought onboard to begin budgeting and pre-production. Shari and Chris continue to hone the scripts in consultation with the CAO.

Oct 6-13: A one-day casting session is held for all 3 videos, and the following week casting is finalized. A location suddenly becomes available for the first video, “Change Room”, and the production team quickly lines up crew and extras.

Oct 14: “Change Room” is shot on location at Leaside Memorial Arena, L to R: actors Dante Erra, John Riley O’Handley, D.O.P. Hiep Vu, Director Shari Hollett.

Oct 15 – Nov 10. Pre-production begins for “Fantasy” and “Snacks”

Oct 28: “Fantasy” is shot on location at Ryerson University.

Oct 30: Post-production begins on “Change Room” and “Fantasy”.

Nov 16th: “Snacks” is shot on location in Riverdale, Toronto. L to R: Shari Hollett, Jon Grandchamp, Janae Sullivan, Tessia Jordan, Chris Earle

January, 2018. Post-production is completed on all 3 videos.

Feb 1 – 15, 2018. The CAO’s #SheCanCoach campaign launches and all 3 videos are released across multiple platforms. The launch garners widespread local and national coverage, including interviews on CBC News Network, CTV, CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning, and CITY TV, among many others.

Results: The campaign is an unqualified success, garnering over 187,000 views and 7 million impressions!

CAO Executive Director Susan Kitchen and Shari Hollett


“Shari and Chris went all in on their commitment to producing a high quality very watchable set of video vignettes for our #SheCanCoach campaign. They guided us every step of the way, understood our goals and have a great grasp of how an audience is made and how an audience will respond. The result of our collaboration exceeded our ambitious expectations. We said at the start we wanted to get a million eyes on our message and we are well past that mark thanks to Shari Hollett and Chris Earle.”

– Susan Kitchen, Executive Director, C.A.O.